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Patient Lending Solutions

Improving the Financial Health of Patients and Providers.

Grow Your Practice

Attract new patients, get noticed online, maintain your reputation, build awareness of your practice.

Improve Patient Experience

Build and maintain strong patient relationships.

Optimize Provider Workflow

Provide the tools needed to provide the best care possible, while building stronger relationships with your patients.

Automate Your Practice

Gain productivity by automating appointments, statements, check-in and patient communications with our integrated automation tools

Improve Financial Health

Implement our Practice Financial Optimization Suite to improve patient collections and save on credit card processing.

Attract New Patients

Grow your practice by attracting more patients with the HiLite Health online marketing and patient acquisitions solutions.

Automate Your Practice

Gain productivity by automating appointments, statements, and patient communications with our integrated automation tools.

Engage & Retain Patients

Keep your patients engaged with integrated communications, education, automated follow-up, telehealth, and patient surveys.

Maintain Your Reputation

Build and maintain a stellar online reputation through automated patient surveys and reputation management  for positive reviews.

Connect with Telehealth

Stay engaged and accomodate your patients with the HiLite Health HIPAA compliant, secure cloud Telehealth application.

Integrate Your Systems

All applications in the HiLite Healthcare Hub will integrate seamlessly into any of your current or future systems.

Track Your Performance

Use our Analytics Dashboard. Stay on top of all key performance measurements for optimal performance and decision-making.

Grow Your Healthcare Organization


Increase Patient Volume


Patient Collections Increase


Increase Positive Reviews


Reduce Overhead by

How HiLite Health Can Help You

Hospital Use Case

HiLite Health partners with hospitals to deliver enterprise automation for both acute and ambulatory systems. Hospitals benefit from better patient communication, increased patient volume, and automated workflows to optimize patient payment collections. When hospitals utilize HiLite Health, they have a portfolio of automation assets to enhance operations at all levels for improved ROI and patient satisfaction.

Provider Association Use Case

By partnering with HiLite Health, associations can bundle services that unify members and deliver an advantage over competitors. Our partnerships with provider associations offer seamless integration and white label technology to exceed the value proposition provided through membership. Through provider engagement assets and technology that keep providers ahead of competitors, our partnership helps associations deliver ROI to remain independent.

Practice Use Case

HiLite Health delivers value to physician practices by providing workflow automation and delivers ROI. Practices have a single-source partner that seamlessly integrates with their current systems to increase patient volume, save on overhead, collect open patient balances with a bundled package that gives an advantage over local competitors.

Business Self-funded Healthcare

As the healthcare markets evolve, self-funded employers are looking for the best value and medical care for every dollar spent. HiLite Health works with employer groups to triage employees/patients to the appropriate provider that represents the best value in the local area. Our technology gives employers cost-saving advantages and creates a process for better patient access through open scheduling and online referrals.