Communication Platform

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HiLiteMD™ will provide more value than any software solution you have today. HiLiteMD™ integrates with all Practice Management and Clinical system and is an all-in-one platform that is secure, and clouds hosted. Sometimes it seems like your staff spends too much time on the phone doing patient outreach. They probably are and it’s surely costing your practice with time and poor communication. HiLiteMD™ is here to help. As one of the four efficiency applications offered under HiLiteMD™, this automated communication tool performs patient outreach and coordination, so you don’t have to. HiLiteMD™ was engineered to provide your patients with a personal communication experience, not a robotic one. Increase your communication efficiency without sacrificing your personality and brand with HiLiteMD™.

  • Appointment Reminders (Voice, Text, Email)
  • Payment Reminders and instant notifications
  • Rescheduling appointment booking
  • Secure messaging and staff notifications

  • Video reminders and notifications
  • Custom Reminder Settings & Analytics
  • Secure 2-Way SMS Messaging
  • Document transfer and messaging
  • Auto-Responses

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