Mark Miller

Mark has 35 years in the healthcare industry in medical device distribution and healthcare IT. He has worked with companies like Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Tornier, Wright Medical, Mend Family, and Karma Health Partners, introducing unique solutions to the American healthcare market.

Mark is an expert in the architecture of the biologics supply chain and he has developed a keen understanding of how to streamline the delivery of medical devices and services, in order to reduce costs to providers and improve both outcomes and satisfaction for patients.

In recent years, Mark has turned his interest toward the field of engaging patients through digital technology. It’s his belief that the automation of operational workflows at the medical practice and facility level actually brings humanity back to health care as it allows providers to focus on the work they were called to do in the first place, healing patients.

Mark’s long tenure, working closely with providers throughout his career, gives him a unique perspective on our client’s needs in both the acute and ambulatory spaces.

Mark lives with his wife and two dogs in Carmel, Indiana. He and Jodi have two sons, Ben, a gifted musician and recording engineer who lives in Denver, and Nate, who’s studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta.