Client Story

How Emmaus Health Partners Increased Collections and Improved Patient Communication
Through Automation

Emmaus Health Partners

Ann Arbor, MI

15 Practitioners

2 Locations

5 Million Annual Billing

The Situation

Leadership at Emmaus had identified an ongoing issue with outstanding patient balances. They had been experiencing delinquent A/R for over 150 days. Without an effective process for communicating with patients to collect open balances, Emmaus was using a manual process to send letters reminding patients of outstanding balances. Success rates were low, resulting in patients being sent to collections, and eventually writing off many balances completely. Emmaus recognized that the current process was costly to manage, ineffective, and wasted staff resources, ultimately resulting in lost revenue.

About Emmaus

Emmaus Health Partners, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a non-profit organization providing primary care, pediatrics, women’s care, and behavioral health to their patient population. Their goal is to treat family members as soon as possible which is why they aim to have available physicians and nurse practitioners to treat patients the same day, either by Telemed visit or in person.

Emmaus Had Specific Goals

1. Over 90-Day A/R Patient Balances
2. Patient Accounts Being Sent to Collections
3. Write-offs Delinquent Accounts

1. Patient Communications via Text & Email
2. Statements Through Digital Health Technology
3. Payments Via Text, Email, Internet & Phone

Our Solution

HiLitePay is a healthcare financial automation platform that leverages technology, AI, digital health, and human touch. The platform improves financial performance, patient communications, engagement and satisfaction. Emmaus Health Partners was able to implement HiLitePay to achieve their goals and exceed



Increase in Over 90-Day Collections


Increase in Staff Efficiencies


Increase in Patient Engagement Through Automated Communications


Working with the HiLitePay team, Emmaus defined it’s goals and desired results. Our team then developed a plan that utilized the HiLitePay platform to implement the technology solutions that would allow
Emmaus Health to meet its objectives.

The HiLitePay platform was implemented within 3 weeks with no modification of existing systems. Emmaus Health was now able to automate their collection, payment and patient communications to:

  1. Send digital statements automatically
  2. Effectively communicate with patients through text, email & phone
  3. Offer patients easy pay through text, email, online & phone
  4. Automate repetitive tasks to free up staff by 20%
  5. Collect 35% of over 90-day patient balances
  6. Keep patients informed of their financial obligations
  7. Increase patient engagement by 50%
  8. Improve patient satisfaction
  9. Reduce the cost of collection efforts by 10%


With HiLitePay, Emmaus Health Partners was able to solve a long-standing financial and patient communication problem, utilizing fewer staff resources, and exceeding their expectations for the collection of delinquent patient balances. Automation and consistent patient communication combined with easy pay
options, enabled Emmaus to achieve financial performance while maintaining positive communications with patients.

“HiLitePAY allowed us to quickly reclaim a significant percentage of this revenue and the payments continue coming in every week. HiLitePAY works in real-time by using technologies our staff and our patients find easy to navigate. HiLitePAY has streamlined our patient collections process and eased the burden on our staff. We now have a cost-effective and efficient automated collection process that is
quickly resolving these aging accounts.”

William “Rusty” Chavey, MD
Co-Founder of Emmaus Health Partners