Healthcare Apps

HiLite Health Apps work together and individually to provide the latest features and functions that will make your practice run better, optimize workflow, engage patients, and improve your bottom line.

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  • Search for providers by location, specialty, or symptoms
  • Intuitive, fast, and easy to use
  • Can be configured with HiLite Health Online Scheduler for immediate appointments
  • Easily maintained and configure to your practice specifications
  • Integrates directly into your website

Find Your Doctor

Find Your Doctor is a must-have application for Independent Physician Practices and healthcare organizations that have a roster of providers with varying specialties. Find Your Doctor allows patients to find a physician by entering their location, practice location or specialty they are looking for. The app then returns a list of your providers with profile information listed by distance and specialty. 

If you have our online scheduling app. A link will be attached to each provider profile allowing patients to schedule an appointment right then. Find Your Doctor also integrates with our AI symptom checker, which allow patients to enter in symptoms and provide feedback on what the condition might be. Then they can find  provide based on possible conditions and schedule an appointment.

Online Scheduling & Referrals

Make it easy for patients to schedule appointments or refer themselves with the HiLite Health Online scheduling app. Online scheduling helps increase new appointments, makes scheduling more convenient for existing patients, and integrates seamlessly into your existing patient management, making your practice more efficient.

Reduce the time your staff spends on appointment scheduling, by making it easy for them to view and confirm appointments through Online Scheduling. The app allows patients to view the availability of providers and book an appointment instantly 24/7/365. 

The app can be configured specifically for your practice, to include multiple locations, all of your providers, and even specific appointment types or reasons. Online Scheduling also integrates with all of the other HiLite Health solutions like marketing to find new patients, financial management to improve financial health, and patient engagement for building strong relationships with existing patients.

  • Available on the most popular websites including Google, Yelp, Facebook & more!
  • Integrates seamlessly with all of your existing systems
  • Always-on scheduling: 24/7/365
  • Reduces staff burden, making your practice more efficient
  • Customizable to your practice locations, providers, and branding
  • Integrates with our symptom checker to boost new appointments

Symptom Checker

The HiLite Health Symptom Checker allows people to enter symptoms into the application and get AI-managed content on possible conditions related to the symptoms. The remarkable tool can help drive new patients to your practice, and provide existing patients with a tool to keep them engaged with your practice and the management of their own health.


Stay connected with patients using HiLite Health telemedicine. Take your office online and see patients remotely anywhere you have internet access. Convert open schedule slots to booked appointments and increase patient satisfaction by seeing patients in-person and remotely.

Patient Video Conferencing

With HiLite Health, easily use video conferencing to see patients remotely and book appointments with email, website, and text message link access.


Use as a standalone solution or connect to your patient schedule to create a seamless experience to connect to patients within existing workflows. Request online appointments & automate scheduling functions.

Additional Features

Record visits, send documents, electronic forms, chat online.

  • Virtual patient conferences, transcribe virtual visits
  • Appointment reminders
  • Secure messaging, virtual waiting rooms
  • HIPAA compliant, secure cloud
  • Affordable pay-as-you-go or monthly subscriptions
  • Secure communication between providers, patients and staff
  • Leverages AI to automate workflow and repetitive tasks
  • Multi-lingual function eliminates communication barriers
  • Integrates with all PM & EHR systems
  • Tracks and documents all communications
  • Provide secure internal communications between staff

Secure Patient Communication System

Our secure patient messaging platform improves practice / patient communication while building loyalty and trust with patients. This system will change the way you interact with patients by providing real-time communications between providers, patients and staff by enabling 2-way communication through text, email, voice and video channels.  

Clinical staff can interact directly with patients for immediate communication for remote diagnosis, patient questions, gaps-in-care outreach, patient surveys or any other clinical communication. On the business side, the system can send automated appointment reminders, billing & statements and even accept patient payments to make your practice more efficient and profitable.


Our analytics and dashboards provide insight into performance and validate ROI. Our BI solutions deliver valuable information for stakeholders and users to make important everyday decisions.

  • ROI Calcuators
  • Online review scores
  • Patient sastifaction
  • Practice performance analytics