HiLiteMD: Leveraging Healthcare CRM

The traditional role of the healthcare marketing department was to attract new patients through broad outreach. However, as the healthcare industry evolves and consumer expectations shift, marketing departments are no longer responsible for just bringing in “new patients” – these teams are now tasked with managing the entire patient experience, starting at the first interaction and continuing until a loyal relationship is formed.

Each stage of the patient experience- Awareness, Acceptance, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention must be addressed in order to create that truly great experience. Additionally, it’s important to note, no patient journey looks exactly the same; every patient has unique needs, receives specialized treatment, and follows a personalized retention program, which will result in a distinctive journey.

Managing the patient experience, therefore, is no easy task – and to successfully complete this task, healthcare marketers need the right technology. Technology that facilitates the creation of personalized messaging and automated engagement efforts. Technology that helps teams create integrated, omnichannel campaigns by incorporating analytics, strategy, and creativity. Technology that provides insights into patient data, giving healthcare marketers the tools to keep up with their evolving population of patients.

The benefits noted above would not be possible without the use of technology that focuses on the patient’s digital experience. With the evolution of the Healthcare CRM, healthcare providers have a system in place that provides features that focus on the patient. It is the new must-have technology that functions outside of the patient portal and when fully implemented, it gives health systems a 360-degree view of their patients and potential patients. It helps hospital networks aggregate and analyze data from many sources (both internal and external) and provides leadership with the best next action. The actionable intelligence enables healthcare providers to deliver the personalized and connected experiences that consumers have come to expect. Empowered with smarter technology, hospitals more effectively drive patient engagement, optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention, and ultimately, increase organizational revenue.

Let’s see why HCRM is a must-have for your business in detail:

Actionable Intelligence for Strategic Growth

Large health organizations have many moving parts, and in the past, it’s been both time-consuming and difficult to develop the insights necessary to optimize growth. With increased competition and a demand for high-quality care experiences, marketing teams need guided top opportunity and best next action insights that can be used to create strategic, personalized, and connected campaigns that support broader organizational goals.

Healthcare CRM collects disparate data sets – demographics, psychographics, clinical, financial, behavioral, social, website, and call center interaction history – in one place. With data analytics capabilities, the technology helps hospitals understand their patients and potential customers, identify high-value service lines and target populations for marketing campaigns, and extend patient lifetime value.

Users evaluation in a survey conducted for CRM system users in 13 healthcare centers proved that CRM system provides increased user satisfaction, organizational performance, and especially, individual performance. This is clear evidence that CRM systems will improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn, can provide a competitive advantage for the healthcare centers.

HiLiteMD, oriented towards HCRM, works to give the ultimate digital experience to patients by delivering AI & automation to advance communication with patients. Using AI automation, HiLiteMD creates efficient workflows and tailored messaging to provide a dynamic experience that delivers results based on human behavior. Using human behavior, the system adapts to optimize effective outreach.

Patient Engagement

Fostering patient engagement can lead to better health outcomes and an increase in health system revenue. When patients are actively engaged in their care, they have 15 percent fewer readmissions and experience 17 percent fewer medical errors.

According to a survey by Consumer Reports, physicians agree that “forming a long-term relationship with a primary-care physician is the most important thing a patient can do to obtain better medical care, with 76 percent saying it would help ‘very much’.

HiLiteMD, thus, directs efforts to engage patients in their healthcare journey with its HCRM tool for patients to have a wonderful experience. We have hundreds of patient education videos, pre and post-operative videos in stock that can be customized and branded as well for educating patients of their condition so they would better adhere to their treatment plan, trust you, and provide you their loyalty.

In addition to better patient experience, hospitals with high patient-reported experience scores have higher profit margins, according to a Deloitte study. HCRM provides the underlying information and architecture that allows for personalized patient journeys that make patients feel like you know them.

For example, marketers use HCRM insights to communicate with patients according to their preferences, including communication channels, personalization, frequency, and relevancy. Sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time increases the likelihood that patients remain engaged with their care. With HiLiteMD, deliver appointment reminders or time-sensitive information a patient needs with our automated messaging. Videos can also be embedded in the text addressing usual concerns. HiLiteMD thus delivers power automation that reduces no-shows and gives precious time back to your staff.

To realize the full potential of this tool, it must be integrated with EHR, marketing automation, CMS, call centers, and clinical systems. These systems work together in real-time to promote events, complete referrals, book appointments, complete payments, and more. HiLiteMD works with all clinical vendors (PM & EHR System) using real-time integration that keeps your systems in synch and staff workflows optimized.

Patient Acquisition

Smart patient acquisition isn’t about bringing in X number of patients per month; it’s about aligning patients and their needs with strategic growth initiatives. For example, if a hospital has a goal to expand its bariatric program, they want to target specific populations and potential customers for this specialty.

Achieving this alignment can be supported by the predictive analytics and propensity models within an HCRM. This analysis tool filters through enormous amounts of consumer and patient data to create population segments and provide insight into their unique needs. Once segments have been defined, personalized campaigns can be created specifically to promote health initiatives for those targeted populations. With HiLiteMD, increase your patient outreach with our CRM capabilities and connect to targeted patient populations which is not only fundamental but essential to delivering communication to those who need information.

HCRM, integrated with our marketing automation platform, is leveraged to gain more insight into stratified patient groups and create consistent communication programs for targeted care protocols across patient populations. This kind of content can be relevant educational material, reminders for how to live a healthy lifestyle etc. Said more simply, this content isn’t transactional, it is relational.

Patient Retention

Across industries, the cost to acquire a new customer is five times higher than retaining an existing one. Plus, statistics show the probability of selling to an existing customer is significantly higher than selling to new customers – 60 to 70 percent vs. 5 to 20 percent.

If you’re looking for efficiency, it’s clear that nurturing patients for life is essential – an engaged patient is more likely to stick with their healthcare provider, and by using HiLiteMD you have a tool to ensure they are engaged. We communicate relevant information on a consistent basis for making patients feel valued, supported, and prioritized. Not only does this improve patient retention in the near term, but it also fosters strong word-of-mouth referrals and acts as a brand-building strategy in the long term.

Healthcare marketers are seeing the benefits of using HCRM to improve patient acquisition, engagement, and retention – 73 percent of healthcare organizations report positive ROI from personalized engagement technologies like healthcare CRM’s. HCRM tool reduces no-shows by 50% and causes an 80% increase in patient follow-up. By employing HCRM’s, health systems can better compete for customers, nurture them with relevant educational content, encourage patient retention, and grow their organization strategically. Partner with us today to enjoy our one-step solution for the best patient experience.

Nowadays just about all aspects of communication is digital and it has only increased during the pandemic. Online platforms and apps have transformed everyday lives undoubtedly and in healthcare, it has never been more imperative to deliver effective communication. With HiLiteMD, we streamline communication using automation or real-time messaging for a better patient experience.

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Bryan Graven

CEO | HiLite Health

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