HiLiteMD: Opening with Telehealth

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has obstructed every aspect of life around the globe, and nowhere more acutely than in the medical field. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a sense of distress among the general public in visiting hospitals. According to a new research conducted by WHO, some twenty eight million planned surgeries could be annulled or postponed worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospitals in countries struggling and grappling with major COVID-19 outbreaks have postponed most non-emergency surgeries and procedures to avoid putting patients at risk, redeploying staff and resources to the virus response.

People with serious medical conditions such as heart disease are avoiding visiting hospitals due to the Corona Virus outbreak. A study conducted by the American College of Cardiology has revealed that the number of patients treated for severe heart attacks has dropped by 40% after the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. Detection and monitoring of cancer fell by 69% between mid-March and mid-April, according to a report from Komodo Health. Oncologists fear that cancer patients may migrate to the next stage of the disease in the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment. The same is true for appendicitis and stroke. Clinicians say patients with these life-threatening conditions have also stopped seeking treatment in large numbers.

Hospitals are implementing a range of safety measures to allay the fears of patients, such as using plexi-glass dividers, advance testing of patients, temperature checks, providing disinfectant wipes, and mandating wearing of masks. Despite the safety measures, hospitals continue to advise patients with mild symptoms to opt for telehealth services to determine whether a hospital visit is actually needed. Based on the need, patients are either advised online or asked to visit the hospitals with all the necessary precautions in place.

How HiLiteMD can help you in this Challenging Scenario of COVID-19

HiLiteMD is a patient engagement platform which patients with real-time communication and can instantly send thousands of messages within a few seconds. HiLiteMD’s clinical multimedia platform is a complete solution to all digital communication between patients and internal staff. Personalized messaging makes all the difference. Healthcare providers can reach out to their patients with CRM features with recorded video communication and can provide updates to what they are doing to prevent COVID-19 with all the safety precautions being taken. Below we discussed various ways in which Telemedicine and Online Video Communication services are shaping the healthcare sector:

Telehealth Communication Services

In the technology-oriented healthcare industry, providers and patients are recognizing the benefits of Telehealth. There is constant pressure to increase quality of patient care and the desire to provide new services, while at the same time controlling costs. Healthcare providers are leveraging the power of video communications to link patients, physicians, and clinicians and extend the reach of healthcare. Patients want lower out-of-pocket costs, shorter wait times and less travel as they receive medical care. Telehealth allows medical personnel to evaluate patients and diagnose illnesses in real-time without the need for either the patient or the practitioner to travel.  Medical professionals also use video communications to access certification programs, for continuing medical education (CME), and to train others. Using video communications for telemedicine allows hospitals to tap individual expertise across the world. Patients get the care they need regardless of their location, and often faster and at a reduced cost.

In healthcare, nothing is as important as giving patients the care they need. But for many hard-to-reach or homebound patients, visiting a physician can be challenging.  Video communications solutions make doctor, patient and expert access as easy as dialing a phone.

Virtual Connection and Real-Time Diagnosis

With video communications physicians can be virtually connected to patients and use technology to conduct examinations and provide diagnoses real-time using a video device, computer, tablet or mobile device. Patients can be monitored from home and still have the benefit of face-to face communications. Specialists can also be accessed real-time when needed during a medical emergency. Teams of physicians can collaborate remotely exchanging information, observations, and recommendations to accelerate patient care.

Time saving and Further Reach:

One cannot exaggerate the importance of timing when it comes to a life or death situation. By being able to view blood and biopsy results, laboratory tests and various other vital health related samples via Online Video Communication, a quicker, more operational and effective diagnosis can be made. By alleviating the need for samples to be couriered to one or multiple destinations or for specialists to travel in order to view samples, we significantly increase the chances of survival for the patient.

How far actually? The sky as they say is the limit. Greatly so, if there is the possibility of an Online Data Connection, HiLiteMD can provide Online Virtual Medical Assistance to the Communities out even in remote areas.

Accurate Results and Cost Effective

Multiple Online Viewing Capabilities, up to 500 to be exact, increases the accuracy of the results. By having the ability to simultaneously assess a Medical Sample, a group of Experts can immediately deliberate and reach the best possible solution. Not only does this save resources, it also opens up the doorway for the best individuals in their fields to come to a definitive ‘real-time’ consensus using Online Video Conferencing Software. Medics, doctors and surgeons in training can be present when through patient care or medical procedures to learn.

Telehealth visits

Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere, manage patients remotely and increase patient satisfaction. HiLiteMD makes it simple by using patient video conferencing with no downloads and 1 simple click to join the Telehealth visit.

HiLiteMD – A revolution in Digital Health:

Nowadays every aspect of communication is digital. Online platforms and apps have transformed everyday lives, and in healthcare it has never been more imperative to deliver effective communication.

With digital communications we create a human experience with recorded video that brings to life your digital messaging. Messages are sent using our automation or real time messaging by E-mail, two-way SMS, or video conferencing. This raises adherence, understanding and creates a lasting bond with patients.

HiLiteMD provides a unified one-step solution that connects Hospital and Healthcare providers with patients for effective digital communication, financial management, reputation, marketing, and telemedicine.

Bryan Graven

CEO|HiLite Health

Web: https://www.hilitehealth.com