HiLiteMD Telehealth- Effective Communication

HiLiteMD Telehealth- Effective Communication

Digital communication has impacted our lives in several ways. While the healthcare sector has been slow with adopting a variety of communication tools, the usefulness and necessity of effective digital communication is now highlighted due to the importance of effective communication due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usefulness of digital communication:

Remote communication with patients has been critical as we face new realities of social distancing and treating patients virtually to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Providing virtual visits has been essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and has highlighted the need for telehealth technology. Patients appreciate having an alternative to visiting the clinic from the comfort and safety of their homes.

HiLiteMD provides a solution to stay connected with your patients and provide a HIPAA compliant, secure, and convenient way to deliver telehealth services. Care teams can easily provide video telehealth visits with both mobile and desktop enabled devices and can generate virtual meetings on-demand. Our technical support staff is available 24/7/365 to ensure a seamless process.

Telehealth brings patients to you by two ways:

  1. Delivering care to patients in remote or rural settings
  2. Increasing access to medical treatment anywhere and at any time

Therefore, patients are not the only ones who benefit from telehealth, Care Teams see efficiency gains by treating more patients, while providing a connected experience to their patients. HiLiteMD Telehealth technology creates a connected experience that is human and provides a similar level of care patients receive in-person

Improves patient engagement

With HiLiteMD healthcare providers and patient connect digitally. Using virtual visits, unified messaging, informational video, and other digital assets; patients and their respective healthcare professionals have a secured channel to streamline are all forms of patient engagement with these digital tools.

Patients will be more engaged with your communication with the use HiLiteMD. Care teams will enjoy the intuitive workflows and patients benefit from the digital engagement features and simplicity:

  • Recorded video communication- In Healthcare any patient engagement strategy should have the use of recorded video as a focus for effective communication and that is what HiLiteMD provides. We offer video content creation along with stock, that can be customized to represent your brand. Send pre-operative or post-operative videos to patients for better comprehension and outcomes, informational videos along with provider overview videos to introduce your care team. Deliver consistent messaging brand management and to make every impression count.
  • Online Communication- With HiLiteMD your staff will never miss a patient message and we offer an easy way to stay connected. Streamline all messaging into your centralized digital communication channel within HiLiteMD. Provide visitors who are on your website an easy method to contact you and link your social media accounts within HiLiteMD. We provide a simple chat widget that can be deployed to your website in minutes and will link social media accounts for unified communication with HiliteMD.

Better patient management

With HiLiteMD, care teams can use telehealth for on demand visits to triage patients effectively. Sick patients are spared sitting in the waiting room and will be appropriately triaged for the next level of care. Also, you can oversee chronic patients virtually to ensure they are following their care plans and taking the appropriate medications. Patients can easily share health data from Health Apps and stay connected from the convenience of their homes:

There is a necessity of the healthcare industry in the utilization of effective digital communication for the prime cause that it will restrict patient movement to home. Effective digital communication thus would mean effective outreach to patients and effective engagement. In fact, with COVID-19 outreach to patients has never been more imperative. Using HiLiteMD, deploy a digital pre-check process along with important information patients need to review prior to their visit.

Nevertheless, Telehealth protects clinicians by reducing physical contact with infected patients. Suspected cases and milder COVID-19 cases that do not need hospitalization can be remotely monitored, freeing up beds for serious cases. Our Telehealth is free until August 2020, visit the link for more information: www.hilitehealth.com

Bryan Graven
CEO| Chief Revenue Officer