Patient Experience

Your patients are now healthcare consumers and expect a new level of service that accommodates their needs. Provide an end-to-end patient experience that builds loyalty, convenience, and patient satisfaction.

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Better patient experiences improve your practice.

Your patients are at the center of everything you do, and their experience with your practice is critical to your success.  HiLiteMD understands healthcare customer service and provides an end-to-end Patient Experience Suite to meet this growing need.

Our Patient Experience Suite is designed to optimize your patients experience by connecting the patient journey. From the initial search for a healthcare provider, to patient collections and ongoing clinical engagement; our software will engage patients throughout their journey of care. 

Symptom Checker

HiLite Health’s Symptom Checker allows anyone seeking care to enter symptoms into the application and get AI-generated information on possible conditions related to their health. This remarkable tool can help drive new patients to your practice, and provide existing patients with a tool to keep them engaged with your practice and triage the patient to the appropriate provider.

Online Scheduling

Make it easy for patients to schedule appointments with HiLite Health’s online scheduling app. Online scheduling helps increase new appointments, makes scheduling more convenient for existing patients, and integrates seamlessly into your existing scheduling system, which makes your practice more efficient.

  • Easy online scheduling for patients 
  • Automates scheduling & referrals
  • Integrates with PM & scheduling systems
  • Automates scheduling workflow
  • Fills open appointment slots

Patient Reminders & Communication

HiLite Health’s Patient Reminders & Communication delivers the best digital experience to patients and keeps them connected. Our system automates communication and modernizes the patient experience.

  • Automated patient reminders
  • Video messaging
  • Automated rescheduling
  • Outreach messaging
  • Secure Chat (online and mobile)

Clinical Engagement

We automate clinical communications to patients, through voice, email, text, secure messaging and recorded video communications. Patients are kept aware of authorization status, appointments, patient education, updates on conditions they are being treated for, and ongoing outreach to keep patients engaged in ongoing care.

  • Authorization status automation
  • Personalized recorded video messages
  • Automated patient education
  • Telehealth

Patient Financial Services

Maximize the effectiveness of the digital payments process and get the outstanding balances owed to your practice. HiLite Health Patient Financial Services manages patient balances and automates collections to get paid faster.

  • Educate patients on financial responsibility
  • Automate patient payment collections
  • Automate communications so patients know the status of their accounts
  • Payment portal for easy online access
  • Patient lending services
  • Allow for multiple payment options
  • Reduce staff overhead and AR


Ongoing Provider Relationship

HiLite Health connects patients to providers and staff with technology that is convenient and personalized. Our technology provides real-time access using telehealth and automates communication with rich content throughout the patient journey to build better patient relationships.

  • Video patient education on procedures
  • Telehealth
  • Video voice mail for personalized messaging
  • Process automation and communication with the patient
  • Targeted campaigns and outreach messaging