Getting Started With HiLite Pay

An Easy Way To Offer a Better
Healthcare Financing Experience

HiLite Pay is more than just better patient financing, it’s a complete patient experience financial solution. In addition to better financial options for your patients,  you also get automated statements, state-of-the-art mobile payments, and a dedicated financial patient experience team that is always available for you. It’s easy to get started.

Step One – Sign-up

A Better Healthcare Financing Solution

Patient medical debt is a chronic issue for patients across the United States. US Credit reports an enormous burden on patients with current estimates of $140 billion in past-due medical bills. This problem is impacting the health of patients by creating a negative financial relationship with healthcare providers – regardless of clinical outcomes. With rising healthcare costs, gaps in coverage, and increased patient cost-sharing, patients are facing increasing financial pressure for out-of-pocket medical costs.

Options To Address Patient Financial Pain

Fortunately, your practice can offer affordable financing solutions that will help relieve financial hardship, while allowing you to get paid faster and maintain positive relationships with your patients.

HiLite Health Patient Lending Solution eases the burden of medical debt. Patients are reassured with instant approval for their medical financing needs, a simple application process filled out online or in-person.

Providers receive payments right away and remove the burden of collecting outstanding patient balances. HiLite Health Patient Lending is the best way for patients to manage increasing medical debt.

With high approvals, low-interest rates, and multiple terms to select, patients now have options that make medical debt manageable and compassionate.

Financial Relief For Your Patients

  • Instant approval for amounts up to $50,000
  • Soft credit check to review offers
  • Simple application process
  • Flexible payment plans with terms up to 7 years
  • Multi-lender program for best terms and interest rates


Immediate Payment For You

  • Multi-lender patient financing for the best rates
  • PM and workflow integration
  • Instant approvals for patients
  • Eliminate patient collections burden
  • Reduce write-offs and A/R
  • High approvals with muti-lender program
  • US-based phone, portal, and email patient customer service
  • Available promotional programs