Patient Translation Services For Healthcare Practices

The United States is still the most diverse and open place for people throughout the world seeking a better life for themselves and for those visiting. Whether visiting or starting a new journey in life, these foreigners go through a transition period of embracing the culture in the U.S. and communicating in our primary language English.

For healthcare providers, it is not uncommon to encounter patients whose native languages are something other than English. The language barrier can be challenging when it comes to providing treatment, both for the patient and the healthcare provider. As our diversity continues to grow, our ability to communicate in multiple languages has become increasingly important in the healthcare industry.

With the 2015 census, there are approximately 56 million Hispanic American people living in the U.S., which accounts for 17 percent of the country’s total population. It is no surprise that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. and growing.

While Spanish is an important language for healthcare providers to acknowledge and focus on for communicating effectively, it is not the only language that is growing in popularity. The Asian American population is now the fastest-growing minority group in the country and is expected to grow by 34 million people, by 2050. This means it is even more important to consider the benefits of being able to communicate in multiple languages to provide better patient care.

The consumers of healthcare services in the United States have become more diverse and to provide optimal treatment healthcare providers need to communicate effectively. There can be heavy implications in healthcare if a patient and provider do not understand each other. Between not understanding a diagnosis or following a treatment plan the care provided to the patient can suffer as a result. While interpreters are traditionally brought in or a family member-friend has been utilized during a clinic or hospital visit, it is often only a part of the healthcare journey of the patient.

Using HiLiteMD, our patient messaging platform can communicate seamlessly with patients of any language. Patients can send a text message or email in their native language and our system translates this message in English for the providers and care teams. Reminder calls and outbound patient communication can be sent in other languages and provide the continuity these patients need to stay on top of critical communication to support their health. Patient education videos and documents can be sent out seamlessly to the patient in their preferred language and if the patient has a question there is a 2-way digital conversation that can happen between the patient who speaks a language that isn’t English. Messages are translated instantly between the patient and provider. When the provider types in English, it is then translated into the patient’s native language and vice versa.

Our language translation feature is just one of many important value-added features within the HiLiteMD platform that allows healthcare providers to provide the best digital experience to all patients of any language. With HiLiteMD, we streamline communication using automation or real-time messaging for a better patient experience that goes well beyond a patient portal.

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Bryan Graven

CEO | HiLite Health