Payment and Statement Platform

HiLiteMD™ will provide more value than any software solution you have today. HiLiteMD™ integrates with all Practice Management and Clinical system and is an all-in-one platform that is secure and clouds hosted. Our financial and statement management platform is exactly what your billing operation needs. Developed with the oversight of over 30 years of Practice Management experience, our platform provides the controls and innovation you need to ensure patients pay outstanding balance securely with the convenience of their mobile device. HiLiteMD™ is engineered with predictive analytics that allows you to efficiently manage your outstanding patient balances and with full control over the payment process to ensure you receive the payments owed to your practice.

  • Mobile Payment (Voice, Text, Email)
  • Collect 24/7
  • Store credit cards
  • Past due notifications (Voice, Text, Email)
  • Digital Statements and Receipts

  • Digital Debt Collections

  • Paper Statements

  • Payment Plan options and custom payment terms

  • System integration

  • IVR Payment Technology

  • Reconcile with daily report

  • Custom Statement options and branding

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