Power Of Video

Watching television and videos has been around for decades now and has been a national pastime for many. Historically used for entertainment, commercials & propaganda, the use of video media has evolved over the last 20 years and has transformed our society with how we communicate. Video touches every part of our lives with business, politics, communication, social media and even in music. In recent times, the use of video content has been a focus and a trend with retailors, businesses & verticals seeking higher engagement with customers and potential buyers. Video shapes human behavior subconsciously, delivers emotional connections, provides information that is only second to in-person communication and is ubiquitous in our lives. Video has turned into the “Premier Tool” with how we communicate today.

  • 78% of people watch videos weekly and spend about 1.5 hours daily on videos. About 15% watch videos for an average of 3 hours a day (Hubspot).
  • Videos are great for patient education. 72% of people prefer to watch a video over reading text when both options are available on a web page (Hubspot).
  • Blog posts with videos attract 3x more inbound links compared to those without videos (SEOMoz).
  • 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)

Within the healthcare landscape, the use of video has the potential to create seismic transformation with practitioners and care teams for patient engagement strategy and patient empowerment. 75 million people each day in the U.S to view different videos on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Moreover, there are infotainment videos that contain details concerning medical treatments and therapies that are watched twice as much in comparison to the entertainment videos. The need for information about our health has given more preference to online websites regarding medical issues rather than relying on traditional relationships with visiting a provider in a healthcare setting. Being able to deliver video to patients easily, quickly and on demand gives the provider a digital relationship that is personalized to their patients. With the use of technology and automation, having an Digital Health Platform to distribute media in form of videos can offer patients a transformative experience in healthcare. Providers can leverage video content to personalize the patient experience with better outcomes with adherence and comprehension all while doing this with scale to reach multiple patients at once.

The overall value of the projected video content in the healthcare setting can be further understood by reviewing that it improves communication and interaction taking place between patients and doctors. The traditional form of patient/doctor interaction has turned out to be complicated as patients often feel frustrated due to long wait times at the clinic and treatment instructions because confusing with the lack of patient understanding. Amanat, et al. (2018) estimated that 97% of doctors believe that patients often come into the clinic with wrong information and in many cases, patients are confused as they are unable to understand the bills and clinical instructions. Apart from this, patients also find it complicated to navigate in the complex world of healthcare.  In this concern, it is believed that all of these glitches and tribulations associated with a traditional patient-doctor relationship can be mitigated through the inclusion of video contents in the healthcare setting as it enables patients to view digital contents that provide proper guideline concerning the healthcare setting, treatment instructions and medication details.

HiLiteMD is a Digital Health Platform created by HiLite Health, that distributes the branded and stock video content on-demand or automatically based on logic to streamline workflows. This creates efficiencies for care teams and administrative staff while increasing patient engagement. HiLite Health believes in the ideology that video content in the healthcare system provides a significant advantage to providers and gives patients a visual-auditory tool, which drives better outcomes in all aspects of the patient’s healthcare journey in life. Talk to a representative from HiLite Health today on creating your own branded video content.

Bryan Graven
HiLite Health
CEO| Chief Revenue Officer