Reputation Management and Marketing Platform

HiLiteMD™ will provide more value than any software solution you have today. HiLiteMD™ integrates with all Practice Management and Clinical systems and is an all-in-one platform that is secure and cloud hosted. Managing your online presence has never been more important. Patients are turning online to seek out providers and over 70% say that an online rating will influence their decision to see a new provider. HiLiteMD™ allows you to attract new patients and manage patient satisfaction. We put your marketing dollars to work and provide a quantifiable solution that ensures your practice is positively presented online and with controls to manage your online presence. We establish your brand and provide the platform to deliver personalized messages to your patients that accurately represent your hospital or practice.

  • Reputation Management & Patient Surveys
  • Patient Acquisition & Marketing

  • Targeted Patient Marketing
  • Electronic Forms (Text, Email, Web)
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Website Development & SEO Optimization

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