Appointment Reminders With Recorded Video

Every impression counts for patient engagement and building a “human connection” with patients has never been more important. In the world of digital health, self-service portals, chat bots and automation, the unfortunate result is the human experience has been lost. Sure, these technologies offer some efficiencies and to an extent do what they are supposed to accomplish, but fail to offer the human connection patients seek when exposing their personal health concerns to a healthcare provider. There is a better way.

By incorporating recorded video interviews (not to be confused with virtual visits) of your doctors, nurses and care teams into your appointment reminder messages; patients gain trust and comfort by seeing their providers’ personalities and communication styles. If a patient is researching a new provider having a video can help them select the healthcare provider that they best for them in a convenient manner. HiLiteMD offers all the automation that other systems provide but extends the patient and provider relationship with the use of recorded video in the messaging to patients.

General use cases that can be incorporate in an introductory video (reminder message):

  • Office tour: The look and feel of your office space can help draw patients to your practice. Create a video that highlights the spaces they’ll be spending time including the waiting room and exam room.
  • “Meet the staff”: Choosing a new medical practice is a highly personal decision, so patients want to know who will be caring for them. More than just meeting you, this video introduces your entire team because each person plays an important role.
  • Special events: Occasionally, you might give patients the opportunity to enjoy a certain service like a special flu clinic or a patient education session. Using video to announce specials gets the word out.
  • Patient testimonials: Nothing speaks louder to the patient experience you provide than hearing from those who have received your care. Written testimonials are great, but video takes it to the next level. Viewers are able to actually put a face to a patient’s kind words and see their genuine enthusiasm for your practice.

HiLiteMD, a pioneer in creating and sending original healthcare video content, uses embedded introductory videos in texts/emails. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Every impression counts- Making a great first impression is always essential to building a great relationship and a great relationship results in better patient care. Using video in combination with our appointment reminder system provides a wonderful introduction to the provider or care team that the patient will see. The patient experience starts before the patient arrives to be seen and starts with a personalized video of the provider that is sent to the patient.
  2. Convenience, trust and reassurance- Suppose I’m a patient and want to see a physician for the first time for a serious medical condition. I have no idea who this person is, I have just searched online and researched information about the healthcare provider like more than half of people who research online for information addressing their medical/healthcare concerns prior to an appointment. I haven’t been able to get any testimonial and I am not sure about the authenticity of the information found on the web. The very natural thing for me or to any patient as such is to succumb to anxiety and fear of uncertainty. Medical Economics (2020) reported that nearly all patients have a desire to get to know their healthcare providers before visiting the clinic. Hence, one way to strengthen their comfort level and/or satisfaction level is with digital video content that introduces them to the clinicians who will provide their treatment. HiLiteMD delivers video communication with Appointment Reminders and digital messaging. This builds a connection between patients and their clinicians that offers a level of trust before visiting the provider and after the patient has been seen for follow-up communication.
  3. Transparency and increased self-value – An introductory video of the provider can give a sneak-peak of his career, his work, his methods of treatment, his personality and communication style etc. This allows patients to predict what they are about to experience prior to a visit, makes it easy to choose- proceed or not to proceed. It has been observed that when patients receive treatment information and details concerning their treatment and providers through a video, they feel more valued and consider the healthcare system more effective and transparent. With this outcome, they become more loyal to the healthcare organization that offers such digital video content services. And of course our platform means better health care so their loyalty results in their benefit.

The patient’s benefits should be the biggest motivation for every healthcare provider to incorporate a personalized video in their treatment system. Besides, the advantages of healthcare workers for having an introductory video are many, including-

  • Videos build a connection and allows the messaging to scale to hundreds, thousands of patients with a same video. This can be the best way to create brand awareness with minimal efforts that is not possible in conventional treatment system.
  • With video of providers, patients all receive the same level of information regarding that particular healthcare organization’s facilities, services, awards, partnerships, and/or events. In this manner, it standardizes the message and video content and increases brand awareness. Short newscast videos can become an essential aspect of the internal marketing/branding campaign. These videos can engage and attract new patients needing healthcare services. Litovuo, et al. (2019) also stated that the healthcare branding video is a powerful initiative, which is endowed with the credibility to build the practice by providing more opportunities for boosting organic web traffic, conversation, and engagement of patients.
  • Branding and marketing videos are considered to be essential in making the organization successful. If patients are provided with introductory videos with relevant information related to the healthcare services/facilities, this will increase their likelihood to visit the healthcare organization for current or future services. For example, when branding a video content, a virtual tour of the healthcare provider can be presented, including testimonials of previous patients, along with interviews of personnel to attract more patients. The patient audience is given information that pertains to their current needs and what other services are available for future patient related services.

HiLiteMD gives patients a human experience and uses technology advancements of automation and digital communication. Along with introductory videos, every healthcare entity should consider using video as part of their treatment strategy, general communication and marketing to patients. We offer an approach that creates better clinical outcomes and a patient experience that goes beyond cold robotic messaging received today.

Bryan Graven

CEO | Chief Revenue Officer