Telemedicine with HiLiteMD

Telemedicine with HiLiteMD

We have released Telehealth (video conferencing) capabilities within HiLiteMD.  Having a “virtual” visit is the best way to provide some treatments and keep both patients and care providers safe. Our staff works with Care Teams on the process for using the telemedicine features and have resources to guild the billing process with medical insurance.

Record virtual visits, have virtual visits transcribed, virtual waiting rooms, group video conferencing and online scheduling are just a few features that come with HiLiteMD.

HiLite Health is committed to being the leader in Digital Health and working with Hospitals and Private Practices to implement these technologies. We will work with your team to ensure a smooth workflow and transformation to a full Digital Health program.

Contact us today and we will provide the details necessary to get started. Most implementations can happen within 5-10 business days.

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